ASD YAM YAM Box Scheme


How it works

It’s simple.

You choose which type of bag(s) you’d like and which of our pick-up points you’d like to collect from, then fill in the online form and make your payment.

We then start delivering your bag(s) on the first Thursday of the month.

Choose your bag

Take a look at the options below and let us know what sizes you’d like on your order form.

  • Large Veg

    £60 per calendar month

    8-9 varieties of seasonal produce – as standard bag but larger quantities of carrots, onions, potatoes, extra of 2 premium items such as salad, beans, spinach or mushrooms and an additional item. 
    Suits Family

  • Small Veg

    £29 per calendar month

    4-5 varieties of seasonal produce. Always includes potatoes, carrots OR onions, one green item per week (e.g. spinach, chard, spring greens) plus 1 or 2 varieties of other seasonal vegetables. 
    Suits 1+


Bag Collection

  • Thursdays
    Our bags are dropped on Thursday afternoons between 3pm and 7pm.
    66 Norlington Rd, Leyton

  • Saturdays
    Our bags are dropped on Saturday between 10 and 1pm.
    Forest Gate Methodist Church, Woodgrange Rd, E7 
    or Docklands and Carpenter Center, Stratford, E15

Holiday Policy

When ASD sets the prices for the bags (which are worked out annually and averaged out over each month), we assume that everyone on the box scheme will go on holiday for 4 weeks each year; and our prices reflect this. If we didn't do this, prices would be higher.

If you go away for just 4 weeks a year, then you will not have paid for produce that you are not receiving. If you go for away for longer than 4 weeks, we can refund you for each extra week that you do not want your bags. Please let us know whenever you go away - by the Saturday of the week before - so we don't order wasted produce. Or, you could arrange for a friend to try your bags while you’re away.

ASD Yam Yam Box Scheme Order Form