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To become an ASD branch member, individuals must fill out our online application form.

You will be contacted by someone from our organisation and invited to an interview to determine your role within our organisation. ASD members and volunteers must be 16 and above.

Many hands make light work“.
~ Haya (Tanzania) proverb

ASD fosters strong and positive relationships within our community and also provides an avenue for mutually beneficial relationships amongst members to emerge. All ASD branch members and supporters will be added to our mailing list and will receive our monthly newsletter via email.

African Sons and Daughters

Code of conduct

  • Demonstrate the utmost integrity in all of my activities.

  • Promote recognition and respect for African Sons and Daughters.

  • Use my experience and skills to serve African Sons and Daughters.

  • Conduct all of my personal, business, and professional affairs using the highest

  • Be respectful and fair in all my dealings with other human beings.

  • Offer my talents and skills to provide opportunities and improve the overall wellbeing of members of my community.

  • Respect and honour the trust that African Sons and Daughters and ASD members provide and not engage in any activities that will reflect negatively on African Sons and Daughters.

  • Not to expect from a fellow ASD member a privilege or advantage not normally given to others in a business or professional relationship.

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Why I decided to join ASD.


From my first interaction with ASD, I realised the organisation was fully committed to offering the most needed services to the community. Since joining I have had the opportunity to participate in several initiatives and had opportunities to learn new skills.

  • I improved and developed my skills as an amateur photographer.
  • Every Saturday I learn more about teaching skills by helping our future generation in our Forest Gate Homework Club.

My main motivation for joining ASD centered around the incredible growth potential for both myself and the organization. I am faced with exciting new challenges every day, and the ASD team provides me with the information and support to become what i want to be.

African Sons and Daughters provides a truly motivating workplace for myself and the rest of the team. That makes me leave work each Saturday with a strong sense of accomplishment from helping our communities.

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